Artist Profile: Deathimself

Edvard Munch reincarnated himself on the Ethereum blockchain to warn us that aliens and monsters are real. Digitized oil paintings created by Deathimself showcase a unique style of hyper-detailed scenes featuring the happiest of nightmares.

None of Deathimself’s artwork is still image. In order to fully appreciate the pieces we’re going to talk about, you’ll have to click through the images to see these works on SuperRare or KnownOrigin.

Don’t Turn On the Lights

*Sound ON* A crypto nightmare. Has anyone else been having weird dreams since getting into crypto? |:|-|:|-|:|-|:|-|:|-|:|-|:|-|:| Featuring Satoshi Nakamoto as the Head Spider from The Thing (1982), and Vitalik Buterin as Torok the Troll from Troll (1986).

“Don’t turn off the Lights” features Satoshi (not really) Nakamoto and Vitalik Buterin with physical representations of the cryptocurrencies that they’ve created. Almost everything moves in this childhood nightmare minted on December 3rd, 2020. There is more of a focus on cryptocurrencies in this piece as the Satoshi figure is throwing a stack of physical Bitcoin into a monster’s mouth while a physical Ether is being minted from a beating heart.

“You’re breaking up, we’re losing comms…”

+++ INCOMING TRANSMISSION +++ MSG Title: *You’re Breaking Up, We’re Losing Comms* 09092020 subject analysis confirmed. Username <deathimself> “This is beta squad. Requesting confirmation of drop to your location.” !ALERT! {satellite interference} ++ Re-establishling connection ++ “We need immediate evac, we have lost the–” !ALERT! {satellite interference} ++ Re-establishling connection ++ “-ere’s just too many of them, we can’t hold. I repeat, we need immedia–” !ALERT! {satellite interference} ++ Re-establishling connection ++ … … … ++ Connection lost ++ +++ END OF TRANSMISSION +++

Ancient alien theorists who happen to be digital art collectors should pay attention to “You’re breaking up, we’re losing comms…” which was minted on September 9th, 2020 and features a giant spaceship, large and small pyramids with all seeing eyes, and what appears to be humanoid forms in spacesuits navigating their way through a land with a wide assortment of monsters.

Rare art collectors should also pay special attention to this piece because it’s the first tokenized glitch art from Deathimself.

The Sea that See’s

The ocean has many eye’s ; Original artwork; oil painting on canvas, 12 x 16″ – 2017 Animation; MP4, 3112 x 4248 – 2020

There is an overwhelming serenity in this peaceful ocean scene featuring an amorphous blob of monsters and giant curious figures in the distance. The Sea that See’s started as an oil painting in 2017 and was later digitized and minted on January 25th 2021. As the sun stands still everything else in The Sea that See’s dances with the pleasant audio.

Visitors (Part 1)

“The spirits of the forest sensed something other-worldly approaching their realm. They normally come in pairs, once every one hundred years, to collect data and samples to take back to their home-planet. They are the Visitors…” This is the first piece of my “Visitors” animated painting series, get it now while you can!

Rare art collectors who follow Deathimself should also be paying attention to this rainy and alive night-time spookfest. Visitors (Part 1) is not only the first of a three* part series, but Minted on August 29th, 2020, it’s the first tokenized artwork Deathimself has ever created on the Ethereum blockchain.

“Inferno: The Gates of Hell”

Part 1 of 3 of deathimself’s “Inferno” series, taking you through Hell as depicted by the artist. In this first piece we arrive at the entrance; fires are roaring around the skies yet all you see is a black abyss beneath you. As you reach the top of the arduous steps you see statues, seemingly possessed, sit on columns in-front of a glowing red doorway. Great beasts of Gods loom overhead watching you expectantly. As you try to turn the heat intensifies blistering your flesh, and exciting your ominous spectators. The red glow beckons you, pulling you with an unknown force towards it. This is the only way, and only you truly know why.

Moths, monsters, daemons and trains, oh my! Inferno: The Gates of Hell, was minted on September 24th, 2020 and rare art collectors would be excited to know that it represents the first in what is now a three part series of Inferno pieces.

You can follow Deathimself on Twitter, Instagram, SuperRare and KnownOrigin.

*NOTE: While there are only three parts to Visitors currently, it will be a four part series.