Artist Profile: Mr. Misang

Mr. Misang is a new artist whose works are so meticulously crafted that he’s only been able to bless us with two pieces so far. Both of these highly detailed creative masterpieces seem to have been well received as they’ve quickly gained serious bids.

Both of the artworks we’re talking about in this article feature moving elements. To fully appreciate this artwork you’ll need to click through the images and view them on SuperRare.

#01. Odd Dream

“Odd dream. Something dressed in yellow came inside his head.” – Animated version of Mr Misang’s original series, “Modern Life Is Rubbish.”

Minted on Feb 11th, 2021, #01. Odd Dream is Mr. Misang’s first token, and it looks like it’s going to be the first of a series called “Modern Life is Rubbish.” This colorful, busy artwork features an alarm clock with twisted hands which appear in the next installment of the series which appears to take place after the character wakes up from this dream.

#02. Work or Life

A bad morning as always. Trying to recall last night’s dream but it only caused a damn headache. What the hell was that? Anyway it’s time to go to work now. -Animated version of Mr Misang’s original series, [Modern Life Is Rubbish]. 1800×2546 pixel, sound included.

In #02. Work or Life, the character wakes up to what seems to be a less than ideal existence, and we can see the same alarm clock from his dream, which looks to have been smashed with the hammer in his hand. It’s laying (still ringing) next to another clock which we have to assume is completely broken. There are very few colored elements in this artwork, unlike #01. Odd Dream which is extremely colorful and busy.

There are only two pieces available to collect from Mr. Misang, and they were both created less than two weeks from the writing of this article. This could potentially be an opportunity for digital art collectors to get in on the ground floor of what could be the rise of an artist with the potential to generate a massive following.

Follow Mr. Misang on Twitter, and keep an eye on his SuperRare profile for the next installment of this series.