Artist Profile: Alex Ness

Alex Ness is one of those artists who if you look at one of his pieces, you have no doubt it’s him who made it. To keep tabs on his futuristic 3D artwork spotlighting technology and nature you can follow him using links at the bottom of this article.

While some of the art we’ll talk about is still imagery, most of it involves motion graphics so you’ll need to click on the images to see this digital art on SuperRare to be able to fully appreciate it.


Two seamlessly looping animations within one piece, combining the worlds of futuristic animations within hyperreal nature environments. 2160x2160px.

Hyperreality was minted on November 13th, 2020 (which was a Friday the 13th!) and features a seemingly discarded television set and VCR tape in a beautiful yet spooky marsh setting. The subtle intricacies of the water and plant motion in this piece play nicely with the fast paced looping futuristic cyber tunnel action on the television set as it contrasts against the old school technology that it’s running on.

As Alex Ness’s first artwork minted on SuperRare, it’s one to watch if it does become available on the secondary market.


tran·quil·i·ty – noun – quality or state of being tranquil; calmness; peacefulness; quiet; serenity. 1080x1350px seamless looping animation.

Tranquility evokes a sense of calm as it leads you down an endlessly flowing river. It was minted on December 9th, 2020 and sold shortly after for $1,464. Tranquility would do well in a metaverse spa or in a digital frame on a desk. This piece is unique in that the vast majority of Alex Ness’s works have some technological element, and Tranquility features only nature.

N3URAL1NK v.09

Uploading Neuralink Conscience Database to Host…. Please Wait… Upload Complete.

N3URAL1NK v.09 is a highly detailed work minted on February 2nd, 2021 showing off Alex Ness’s skill and creativity. The futuristic seen featuring both Bitcoin and Ethereum symbols looks to be the workstation of an engineer working on Neuralink. Consistent with his previous works there are elements of obsoleted technology contrasting with futuristic mechanics. It’s no wonder this sold two days after it was minted for over $13,000.

Nature Prevails.

What will be left of us when nature prevails?

Nature Prevails was minted Jan 28th, 2021. It leads it’s viewers on a tour of an abandoned city reclaimed by nature. The city feels lived in and now neglected, but somehow even more alive. This piece was sold just a few days after it’s minting for almost $10,000.

Alex Ness is an artist worth keeping an eye on as the crypto art space picks up steam. You can follow him on Twitter, Instagram and SuperRare. He also has a website you can check out at