Artist Profile: Alotta Money

Alotta Money’s body of work has serious depth and range. His tokens take a defiant and anarchistic look at establishment from well-known masterpieces to fiat currency. Whether it’s taped bananas or overzealous money printing, pretty much anything is fair game for this pioneer artist.

Please keep in mind that most of these artworks have effects which you won’t be able to fully appreciate unless you click through to see them on SuperRare.

The Edible Boomerang Effect

Bananas are a treat for most primates, not just in Miami. Collage, JPEG, 297Ko, 871x1200pixels

In a stab at traditional art, Alotta Money casts Mona Lisa as a banana, complete with a roll of duct tape in her left hand. The background of the Mona Lisa has been changed to show Miami Beach, which is ground zero for the famous banana taping incident.

Speed of Thought

“Fast can be good. Except when moving so fast and getting so far ahead of ourselves we no longer can recognize our mode of transportation or the wall we’ve hit prior to creating it.” Animated Collage, GIF, 14.8Mo, 800x642pixels

In Speed of Thought which was minted December 7th, 2019 we see Alotta Money turning Whistler’s Mother into a crash test dummy wearing a “Hello Kitty” helmet. Behind the curtain we can see a Microsoft symbol on a window with a familiar view, which is likely not a statement for anything, but simply more nonsense. This piece screams defiance against traditional art and it’s what we’ve come to expect from this digital art pioneer.

François Dernier

Tis the privilege of artists and kings to talk nonsense, and have their nonsense respected. Animated Collage, GIF 27.9Mo 794x1000pixels

Minted on November 22, 2019, François Dernier represents a unique opportunity for digital art collectors interested in Alotta Money, and not only because it’s his first token, but also because it appears to be the only one in which his name is signed so visibly on the artwork.

The mention of the word “nonsense” in the description in this early work is also notable because his style never moved away from adding random elements or, well.. nonsense, to his digital artwork. The fact that his earliest work looks exactly like something we’d expect him to produce today makes collecting it that much more exciting.

Naked Dollar- AR Layer

This is the reality of the Dollar, only visible throught augmented reality when scanning a $1 bill with the Artivive app (iOs, Android) Animated GIF, 45.1Mo, 1000x423pixels

Looking for more nonsense? Better keep scrolling. Naked Dollar- AR Layer forces us to take a hard look into the mechanics of fiat currency and the sacrifices made in order to keep the image of the US dollar strong. Somewhere between the printing press and the vast graveyard explored by this token minted on December 11th, 2019 we get the sense that Alotta Money prefers hard money.

For collectors this token is of special importance as it’s the first attack-by-art from Alotta Money on the US dollar, likely with more to come. Bitcoin Fixes This is a very different piece but a similar statement is being made.

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