Artist Profile: Emotionull

Emotionull expresses himself through art that parlays chaos and anxiety into something refreshingly honest and abundantly cool. He’s been at it for a while as both a collector and artist, and we can see his style evolving as we look through his body of work, creating quite a few opportunities for collectors of rare digital art.

One interesting detail that sets Emotionull apart from other digital artists is that he has his own on-chain collection, Emotionull On Chain, which also seems to have a unique style from his other works.

Please keep in mind that while a couple of these are still images, you’ll need to click through the images in this article to fully appreciate the moving digital art that Emotionull has created.

Caffeine Brain

This is me, take it or leave it. I don’t care. Swear I just know my worth. Caffeine brain. Creativity will never be submissive. I strive to breakthrough.

Minted on October 8th, 2020, Caffeine Brain is one of Emotionull’s earlier tokenized pieces. Both the visual and the description burst with chaos and defiance, as if he’s warning us exactly how the next few months will go, and it appears he was right.

Escape Through Nature

I escape through nature. Provide sanity through the storm. We’re all on a path. Follow it.

Escape Through Nature features a skeleton with yellow bloodshot eyes in front of a glitchy forest setting. The pupils of the skeletons eyes pulse with the chaotic background. Minted on November 1st, 2020, this is Emotionull’s first piece on KnownOrigin.

Feelings #1

Minted on December 16th, 2020, Feeling #1 is of special importance to rare art collectors as it’s the very first Emotionull On Chain token, and it very accurately captures the Picasso-inspired style of the rest of the collection. Between the uniqueness of the work, the fact that it’s on the artist’s own on-chain collection, and it’s the very first of the collection, this piece is bound to make waves if it becomes available to collectors.

Inside Blues

Inside Blues should also be given close attention by rare art collectors. We see full canvas blending\morphing style in this, and only a few other digital artworks from Emotionull. While elements of this style are still being used in his newer pieces, these earlier pieces on MakersPlace seem to be the few examples where the entire canvas seems to morph. Also note that minted on January 16, 2021, Inside Blues is Emotionull’s first piece on MakersPlace. Oh, and there just happened to be a bidding war for it almost immediately after it became available between two noted collectors in the digital art space, @westcoastbill and @fastackl.

More Fish In The Sea

Being alone provides clarity, yet when loneliness overtakes a sense of safety in self, we truly do feel lost at sea. Deep-sea creatures often are looked at with fear, I find them beautiful in themselves. I feel like an Angler fish.

More Fish In The Sea was minted on December 17th, 2020 and is currently the only 1/1 edition in the Deep Sea Emotions series. Being as how all three artworks in the series were minted on the same day and this is the only 1/1, rare art collectors who expect more artwork in this series will undoubtably be drawn to More Fish In The Sea. And OK fine, this vicious fish is also seriously bad ass.

To keep up with Emotionull, follow him on MakersPlace, KnownOrigin and on Twitter.