Artist Profile: Kristy Glas

Kristy Glas skillfully crafts digital masterpieces through the use of surrealism, iridescent colors, and cats. You can follow her on Twitter, keep up to date with her SuperRare profile, and check out her Pixel Cats collection on OpenSea.

Most of the artwork we’re going to be looking at in this article has moving elements. In order to fully appreciate these works, you’ll need to click through on the images to visit them on SuperRare.

The Tree of Hope

It has been been many years, since anyone had last seen her, the Mother Tree, the bearer of life. Many feared that the worst had happened and that she was gone along with all of her kind. No one would have been surprised, as we knew that she has been too good for us.

The Tree of Hope, minted October 1st, 2020 beautifully depicts a tree, mushrooms and all sorts of foliage sprouting up hopefully in what looks to be a once hopeless place. Kristy Glas’s first few tokens on SuperRare (this is the very first) have some elements of glitch art to them, which is a style she seems to have moved away from more recently, making these first tokens even more rare.


I feel myself spiraling down into indecisiveness, fear and negativity. Afraid of not meeting expectations, of not outdoing my previous work, competing uncontrollably….. So here it is, the mess, not to be fixed or perfected. Letting my raw ideas out before they escape, wild like the nature. Brainstorming out loud, not hidden away never to see the light of day. Maybe on the verge of a breakthrough, or maybe not. Patiently impatient, exploring the wild brush strokes. Wondering endlessly in the infinite canvas.

Perhaps one of the most “2020” artworks we’ve seen recently, Spiraling, which was minted on December 1st, 2020 gives us a chaotic but very pleasing visual. Digital art collectors should take note that this is a unique piece for Kristy Glas, there is nothing quite like it in her portfolio.

Space Cat

The astronaut Cat is going to the Moon. This adorable cat painting is inspired by the current crypto rise and hype, and wondering how far it will go. ❤️

Minted on January 4th, 2021, Space Cat, just like the rest of the crypto market, is going straight to the moon. This is a piece where Kristy Glas specifically calls out the crypto market in the description of the piece, and accurately depicts the state of the market at the time.


She is the flow of life with each breath and exhale- the awareness found in the mind in the present moment. Soaring the infinite skies, beyond materialism and body. Surrender all fears and dreams to her to discover contentment and serenity. She is patient and understanding, but also sincere and candid. She inspires through her actions, giving life purpose.—-She is one of the three virtues- guides to to a balanced, happy and fulfilled life.

Ascension, which was minted on February 6th, 2021 seems to be the first in a series of three pieces with a similar style, the other two are Innocence and Empathy. Digital are collectors would likely pay attention to the fact that these tokens, while fitting her style, look different from her earlier works. If she continues to make more of this style, Ascension would likely garner some attention as the first in this line.