Artist Profile: Musketon

When we talk about NFTs “blowing up”, we’re generally talking about price appreciation, not image size. However, since Musketon is a vector graphics mastermind, you can his enlarge his creative designs, which are adorned with pop culture references and digs at global corporations, to any size you want. While making art that maintains it’s look regardless of size has many industrial uses (billboards, for example) Musketon cleverly hides details which viewers can only see if the artwork is “blown up.” His SuperRare profile states that you can “Zoom in up to 64000%” to find some of these easter eggs.

You can follow Musketon on Twitter, Instagram, and keep up with his SuperRare profile to make sure you don’t miss his next drop.

The Last Supper

The Last Supper is a digital remake collecting all events of 2020. It’s packed with extreme details and references to pop-culture (Breaking Bad, Toy Story, Up, The Shining, Back To The Future…). Zoom up to 64000% to discover the smallest details. Important: I released this a limited series print in 2020, but now I’m offering a unique NFT version of this work.

The Last Supper was minted on February 19th, 2021, and is Musketon’s first token on SuperRare. There are plenty on pop culture references in this hyper detailed take on 2020 which pokes fun at large corporations, politicians, hoarders and more.


A transparent SNES 64 controller modeled in C4D from scratch to use as reference material to create the illustration from scratch in Adobe Illustrator. 100% vector.

Nostalgia, which depicts a gaming console controller, was minted February 19th 2021. Digital art collectors who focus on gaming, or Nintendo in general, may find Nostalgia interesting in that while most of Musketon’s pop culture references hint at big corporations, this one calls Nintendo out by name.

I’m Hodling It

I’m hodling it 🙂

In I’m Hodling It, Musketon turns the McDonald’s logo on it’s side so that this token, minted on February 21st, 2021, very clearly shows the Bitcoin logo atop one of the franchises iconic rooftops. For collectors hodling corporation inspired cryptoart, this one presents an interesting opportunity, especially since it is one of Musketon’s early tokens.

Bitcoin Manual

BTC Manual. Made in Adobe Illustrator. (8000px x 8000px)

Bitcoin Manual depicts assembly instructions on how to put together a Bitcoin logo as if it were something you would have taken home in a box. Minted on February 22nd, 2021 this token seems to poke fun at IKEA for it’s difficult to put together furniture, but we can see cryptic references galore to the first ever cryptocurrency in this fun diagram, for example the fact that it comes with 24 screws, which is likely a reference to the 24 words which usually make up a seed phrase.

Keep an eye out for Musketon on Twitter, Instagram, and keep up with his SuperRare profile to make sure you don’t miss his next drop.