Artist Profile: Sean Williams

Sean Williams is an extremely talented and creative digital artist who goes by the moniker @iartsometimes on Twitter, Instagram and SuperRare.

Please note that most of the artwork in this article has moving effects. To fully appreciate this artist’s work you’ll need to click through the images in this article to view the pieces on SuperRare.


We all come from the same Soürce. Everything you believe, everything you’re made of, everything you ARE, makes you Hümban. Welcome to the WEIRDWILDWORLD. The very first SuperRare x WEIRDWILDWORLD NFT Made with Procreate, FL Studio, & Final Cut Pro

ÜNIVERSAL CREATION ENGINE which was minted October 31st, 2020 and has a fitting theme being as how it’s the very first Sean Williams token on SuperRare. The first few pieces this artist has minted on SuperRare have a different feel from his more recent works, making these even more rare.

Self Portrait of the Artist Ünder Stress

This year has been… a lot. More than a lot for some of us, and sometimes creating art is the only way to sort, prioritize and FEEL those emotions. This is one of those times. Check up on your strong friends.

Sean Williams seems to have captured the essence of 2020 perfectly in Self Portrait of the Artist Ünder Stress, minted on November 14th 2020. We can see anxiety, chaos and well.. 2020 in the second token he minted on SuperRare.


get lost. No really, I mean it. save the gif and just stare. Everything gets better, or it doesn’t. Either way, it DOES keep going. Do you feel good about the cycle you’re in now? Do you see a way out of this loop? Do you have a fertile space in your mind where you can just be? Find your oasis. 

Oasis was minted on December 5th, 2020 and represents a very chill tone. The artwork isn’t overtly happy, and it doesn’t try to be. Instead, this trippy seems to inspire a relaxed mood and helps untie mental knots.


Good art is many things: meaningful, passionate; a representation of the artist’s life and culture captured in a moment for the world to experience and process in their own unique way… Often times, though, ‘stupid’ is probably the best word to describe the energy behind what really gets people talking.

Digital art collectors who appreciate Sean William’s art and who are focused on rarity need to pay special attention to Idiot. This defiant piece was created by accident on a Christmas morning, but luckily for us, Sean Williams knows how to make lemonade. This tweet gathered massive engagement on Twitter and the next day, December 26th 2020 it was minted on SuperRare.

Idiot presents a serious collector opportunity as it sharply deviates from Sean William’s style, and represents a real moment in the artists life.

Follow Sean Williams aka @iartsometimes on Twitter, Instagram and SuperRare to keep up with his latest works.