Be a Stereotype

As you’re about to see for yourself, Be A Stereotype creates art that embodies the crypto art revolution. The refreshing masterpieces that he leaves in his wake, stunning but few, are futuristic, dystopian and unapologetically badass.

All of the artwork featured in this article has animated elements, and some have audio. You’ll need to click through the images in this article and visit these tokens on Rarible to fully appreciate this artist’s game changing artwork.

Physical Art Is Cancelled

Physical Art is cancelled. Welcome to the Digital Era. 3D Animation. 180 Frames, looped.

Physical Art is Cancelled, which is nothing short of an all out assault on traditional art, is the first time we see any mention of cryptocurrency in this artist’s dramatic and growing body of work. Minted on January 29th, 2021, this is the second token that Be A Stereotype created and is an edition of three.

Digital Homecoming

Welcome to your new home. Come meet your new family. Let’s stay here forever. Sound design by SxAN.

Minted February 22nd, 2021, we can see Be A Stereotype’s style evolving in Digital Homecoming as he incorporates elements from the five tokens that he created before it, bringing us something beautiful, apropos, and absolutely terrifying.


PC Kiss is an exciting one for digital art collectors who appreciate Be A Stereotype’s work because it’s his genesis token, minted on January 9th, 2021, and it is his only 1/1 to date. We can see elements of PC Kiss in some of Be A Stereotype’s more recent artworks, specifically the tubes coming out of the figures, and the illuminating dots.

Our Future is Digital

You heard about us before, but you weren’t expecting to find us alive. You knew change was coming, but you never knew it was already here. This is not a cult, this is our Digital Revolution. This is my body, my soul, my ego, my mind and my heart. Our Future is Digital. 3D Animation. 480 frames. Soundscape by SxAN.

While we can never know what an artist is thinking, it’s fun to think that Our Future is Digital, which is Be A Stereotype’s third token, minted February 10th, 2021, was inspired by the first. A small barcode stamped on the lower abdomen of a robot, which is perhaps an improved model to the robot looking figures in PC Kiss, or maybe something new altogether, is perhaps a clue as to how generic we are becoming.

You can keep up with Be A Stereotype on Twitter, and check out his artworks on Rarible.