Cosmos Astro Art

Astrophotography? Shut up and take my money.

Leveraging a high powered telescope, patience and hard work, Cosmos Astro Art captures hyper-realistic close up images of the moon. First, he’ll take thousands of shots of our closest celestial neighbor with his telescope, and then he stacks them on top of each other to reduce noise and atmospheric distortion so that viewers can really see the details of the lunar soil.

If you were to fly up really close to the moon, it wouldn’t appear so grey and dull, you would be able to notice the areas with a high titanium concentration by their bluish hue, and the zones that look reddish and brown are the ones richest in iron oxides.

Floating Last Quarter Moon

Over 2800 hi res shots were blended into this detailed view of the last quarter Moon of March 2021 as it floats peacefully in space, shot through my telescope over seven consecutive nights during the final part of the lunar cycle.

Floating Full Moon

This highly detailed image of the Moon is the result of over 2400 individual blended shots taken during several phases the lunar cycle of February 2021. Hi-Res file included as unlockable.

Cosmic Conjunction

Saturn whizzed past the Moon, as seen in this image captured through my telescope, the result of stacking over 300 individual frames in order to capture the fainter details and color of the Lunar surface. 2024 will offer the next opportunity to catch another glimpse of this rare event. Collector will receive Hi-Res image file and exclusive raw video footage of the conjunction as seen live through the telescope.

Solar Crown

This image of the Sun’s atmosphere was taken during the total solar eclipse of December 14th, 2020. For a brief moment the Moon completely covered the Sun’s disc revealing the faint details of the solar chromosphere and corona, the outermost layers of it’s atmosphere, which extend for 200 solar radii into space.

To keep up with Cosmos Astro Art, check out his profile on Rarible and follow him on Twitter, just don’t except him to tweet late at night, he’s probably busy taking pictures of the moon.