david loblaw

Jellyfish, whales, spacemen and mushrooms, oh my! A lot of David Loblaw’s tokens feature some serious moving elements so to fully appreciate this talented artist’s work, you’ll need to click through these images and view his artwork on his MakersPlace profile.

Crystal Beach Whale Watching With Motion

Another in my whale watching series, this with motion effects! This has a humpback whale and a baby whale caught inside a crystal sphere looking at a butterfly on the outside, along with other marine life. as the crystal sits in the sand.

Minted on November 27th, 2020, this token featuring a butterfly landing on a crystal ball full of whales which is sitting on a pink sandy beach is about as surreal as it gets.

Saturn Rising

Saturn over the Tajmahal with a moon floating on clouds in front of it with a single person sails by in front of that moon., with purple overtones.

In this token minted on July 6th, 2020 we get celestial bodies, clouds and a lone person rowing a boat all in soft pink/purple tones.

Breaking Freedom

To break free from the historical controlling points and enter a new era of trade. Using the warrior and horse from the past that was once the tools of change many years ago, here comes to symbolize the powerful new medium of the blockchain as it is moving forward into new territories leaving behind the old trading territories on the distance horizon expressed by the city view and a hinted dollar bill pyramid mixed into an organic red textured background.

In this dramatic token minted March 31st 2020, David Loblaw uses the juxtaposition of old technology and blockchain advancements to highlight the digital revolution we’re right in the middle of.

Electric Aquarium World in Motion

Another in my light bulb series. This one in motion… Taking an aquarium reef of tropical fish and put inside a light bulb and it creates a whole new image of our world.

On November 19th, 2020 David Loblaw minted an animated token featuring fish swimming in an aquarium light bulb in outerspace.

Disco Crypto Motion

Part of a series of crypto images mixing art with crypto imagery
to express how cryptocurrency might be viewed now and how it is viewed in the future.

In David Loblaw’s October 30th, 2020 token called Disco Crypto Motion, we can see the word ‘crypto’ written across the image and a Bitcoin seemingly rising before eyes.

To keep up with David Loblaw, follow him on Twitter and check out his MakersPlace profile.