Digital Artist Profile: Facundo Scenna

Facundo is a skilled artist from Buenos Aires with a unique style. Many of his pieces emotional pieces have surrealist and psychedelic elements. He’s had artwork sell on the secondary market making some of his earlier buyers a nice profit, and his work has been picked up by noted collectors.


Calm lemon acidic tones

Limon was minted on August 7th, 2020 and is the first artwork that Facundo added to SuperRare. It received multiple offers almost immediately after creation and was ultimately sold on September 15th.



Verano is a striking piece minted on August 27th, 2020 which could be a statement on how disassociated we have become. Regardless of what Facundo was thinking when creating this piece it definitely stands out as an awesome piece of digital artwork.

It was bought directly from Facundo shortly after it was minted and changed hands multiple times on the secondary market finally selling on October 26th, 2020 to a collector who holds it today.


FORMULA is a piece from my portrait series – An experimentation with materials and animations – 2500x3000px looping .MP4

Formula is a seamlessly looping moving artwork (click on the image to see it on SuperRare) which was minted on September 21st, 2020 and sold 5 days later to the collector who holds it today.

Formula seems to be the only artwork available from Facundo that employs this particular style. While the caption does read that it was an experimentation, it’s not to say that there won’t similar artworks like this from him in the future.

The unique style in Formula adds a bit of rarity that could make collectors value it higher than some of the other pieces. At the time of writing it’s listed for 10.3 ETH worth $17,177 on SuperRare, which seems like a steal considering the following of the artist and the uniqueness of the piece.


Starting by the end, he found the answers He lost along the way. He’s not sure what’s next, but nothing ends here, and here everything begins. Is it possible to dream when you know you are dreaming? Or are you just living? A Collaboration with Lenny Forster. 5000x6000px

Otredad is a collaboration piece with @LennyForster which was minted on October 4th 2020 and sold to noted (and anonymous) collector MaxStealth only 5 days later.


One last goodbye – 2500x3000px looping animation.

Despedida was minted on September 26, 2020 and quickly started a bidding war between 3 collectors before ultimately selling for $1,574 just 4 days after minting.

This is one of only three works (Terror, and Armonia are the others) from Facundo that show more than one humanoid form. Adding to the rarity of this piece, the colors used are a bit different than his other works in that it feels warmer, the yellows and oranges dominate this moving piece.

While Despedida currently has no list price, it’s sure to attract a lot of attention if it becomes available again on the secondary market based on it’s very unique qualities and strong emotions.


Long lost memory. Looping Animation.

Memoria was minted on October 22nd, 2020 and started a fast moving war between 4 bidders that ended with collector @Snooman acquiring the piece for $1,589.

Memoria is unique in that it has more moving elements than the rest of Facundo’s moving artwork, and it’s one of only three pieces to include the moving halo.


Cosas que nos llevan y nos hacen la vida mas hermosa

Armonia is a gripping piece that really showcases Facundo’s evolving surrealist style in both his use of colors and the emotion of the piece. This piece is very different from his other works but you can tell right away that it’s a Facundo Scenna.

Minted on Jan 26th, just a few days ago, it’s on auction currently with the reserve price already met. This is a rare opportunity to possibly pick up the first piece of a potentially new direction for Facundo’s artwork.

Facundo is an artist worth keeping up with. He can be found on Twitter as @fakito__ and on Instagram as _fakito.