Digital Artist Profile: Fvckrender

The bottom line is Fvckrender isn’t fvcking around. This master of light seamlessly weaves iridescent colors around a vast array of expertly crafted elements, bending and breaking rules as he leaves digital art masterpieces in his wake, stunning but few.

All the artwork mentioned in this article is animated and has audio elements. To fully appreciate these pieces you’ll have to click through the images to view them on SuperRare.

Ether Connected

The connection between artists and collectors

Ether Connected features a large rotating physical Ether emanating a soft light, representing blockchain enabled connections between artists and collectors. Rare art collectors should take notice that this could be the first token ever to express this connection, and is Fvckrender’s first piece on SuperRare that mentions any cryptocurrency. Also this has to be a personal one as he truly is connected to collectors through his artwork, immortalized forever on the Ethereum blockchain.

Personal Growth

2020 was a year of self dev and personal growth

Personal Growth was Minted January 26th, 2021 and shows off Fvckrender’s mastery of reflecting light. We can see a rainbow of colors on the edges of the glass pieces in this artwork, and just like in Broken Beauty, we can flowers growing from inside the model.


Video 2048 x 2048

Minted on October 26th, 2020, Rejuvenate features a model laying still in a rejuvenating bath with large flowers and larger iridescent snakes as the sun and clouds reflect off of her. This is Fvckrender’s first token on SuperRare, making it an important one for digital art collectors to keep an eye on if it ever hits the secondary market.

Broken Beauty

Created this piece after a burnout, i was working about 80h a week always accepting work. and this burnout made me realise what was important and it was creating more art less client work. This piece for my recovery. Track by The Holy

In Broken Beauty, minted November 3rd, 2020, A reflective porcelain model bears cracks as flowers push out from its insides to bask in a bright light. This is another one for digital art collectors to keep an eye on as it’s Fvckrender’s second token on SuperRare, and according to the description, it’s a personal one.

You can follow Fvckrender on Instagram, Twitter, and his SuperRare profile to make sure you don’t miss his next drop.