Eclectic Method

While NFTs like Cryptopunks and Rare Pepes have consistently broken NFT sales records, Eclectic Method is focusing on minting tokens that move us through much more than still imagery.

From collaborations with crypto art pioneers like XCOPY, to drops that have started bidding wars between noted collectors like yeahyeah and westcoastbill, Eclectic Method’s impact on the space is huge, and he just got started a month ago, although that does translate to about a decade ago in this accelerating space.

These 1/1 tokens all feature animation and sound, so you’ll need to click through the images in this article and visit these tokens on SuperRare in order to fully appreciate them.

The CryptoPunks – On The Blockchain

This is an infinite perfect musical loop 180 BPM at 30FPS and will loop perfectly with ]Eclectic Method’s] other NFTs at that tempo. SIZE : 3840×2160

“I’m on a blockchain, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah” We can really see Eclectic Method’s fascination for this space as he breaths life into these pre ERC-721 tokens (keep in mind CryptoPunks were actually mentioned in the EIP-721) that have taken the NFT market and news cycle by storm smashing records at an alarming pace. While two alien punks recently sold to the tune of around $8MM each a couple weeks after this token was minted on Minted on February 23rd, 2021, neither of them are featured in this exciting NFT.

The band features Punk #3307 as the lead singer, Punk #8655 who sings backup vocals, Punk #2924 who happens to be an extremely rare ape punk, and Punk #3831 who is a cool zombie behind shades who was wearing a mask out of irony, long before the pandemic.

Anya Owl

BPM : 100 KEY : A Minor SIZE : 2048 x1152

The chill vibes in this token Minted on March 11th 2021 had me itching to visit Feathers and Fur, where Anya the Owl and the Hoo Hoo Trio Jazz band regularly play, until I realized that she will only play it in this NFT, which is unavailable. Maybe sometime in the future it’s mysterious owner, cryptonio123 will make it available on the secondary market, but don’t hold your breath.

Breaking News


A token that Eclectic Method minted on March 3rd, 2021 started a bidding war between noted collectors yeahyeah and westcoastbill and ended to the tune of about $40K.

There is a lot going on with this token besides the killer content that makes it desirable.

Firstly, it’s a collaboration with XCOPY, an extremely early adopter and crypto art pioneer who has minted early and priceless tokens like Feeding, which is token #6 on SuperRare all the way back in April 2018 when talking about million dollar CryptoPunks could get you sent to a mental ward, and Right-click and Save As guy, who was featured on BBC World News on March 13th, 2021.

Secondly, the token content itself, wielding XCOPY’s signature high dose look and feel, accurately captures a moment in time dealing with a very stressful news cycle pandering to panic rather than common sense.

Furthermore, Eclectic method had already minted and auctioned a couple tokens by the time Breaking News was minted, and when this masterpiece hit the scene, everyone knew he was here to stay. Being one of his earliest tokens gives the holder a vested interest in his success as an NFT creator, and from the looks of it, that’s a pretty good bet to take.

Beeple Everday Remix

OK, it’s not an NFT, but it would be morally wrong to not include this remix in this article. In Eclectic Method’s own eclectic style, he brilliantly mixes just a few publicly available videos featuring Beeple into something that I guarantee will be stuck in your head all week.

You can keep up with Eclectic Method’s endeavors in the NFT space by following him on Twitter, and keeping tabs on his SuperRare and KnownOrigin profiles.