El Rokk

As blockchain technology empowers humanity to rely less on bankers and government, it’s also now providing a means to show appreciation for, and invest in our cultural influencers. Artists no longer need to rely so heavily on middlemen such as auction houses, art dealers and their ilk. This may be why tokens that visualize cryptocurrency itself have a place in the hearts (and wallets) of so many digital art collectors.

We can see a strong appreciation for cryptocurrencies in El Rokk’s art. Most of these are animated tokens and you’ll need to click through each image to see these artworks on SuperRare to fully appreciate his creative and technical talent.

Ether Keeper

The year is 2021 and the rise of crypto is among the entire world. Prices are surging passed record highs.

This is El Rokk’s genesis piece on SuperRare. It was minted on February 15th, 2021 and features a smoothly floating Ether. It’s got a trippy and happy vibe, and seems to be full of hints as to what may come in his next tokens.

Buddah Sats

Because one only needs to remember a seed phrase to be a hodler, it’s possible to own some while having no tangible possessions at all. If Bitcoin existed 2500 years ago, Buddha could have potentially been a hodler.. but more likely he would have given his riches away. Regardless, this token, minted February 17th, 2021 featuring Buddha himself stacking some serious sats, shows us El Rokk’s ability to inject cryptocurrencies very creatively in his art.

Crypto Liberty

You know how the poem goes. “Bring me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, and I shall rain crypto onto them.” or something like that. Unlike most digital art that incorporates cryptocurrency, Crypto Liberty features both Bitcoin and Ether. Nothing quite captures the current mood around the crypto markets like Lady Liberty herself clutching a large physical token and smoking a joint behind heart shaped sunglasses, all while it rains Bitcoin behind her.


In El Rokk’s first token to feature an alien, which was minted on February 22nd, 2021, an otherworldly figure seems to be feeding energy into, or drawing energy out of some Ether tokens. This artwork looks to have a different style from the others (visually, it’s most similar to Bitcoin Gawd than his other tokens), and if we continue to see works from El Rokk that look more like this one, then this particular token should increase in value, and it will represent a particular point in time for an evolving style.

To keep up with El Rokk you should follow him on Twitter, subscribe to his SuperRare profile, or check him out on Instagram where he has a considerable following of over 70K subscribers.