You can really see Eloh’s fascination with humanity’s role in the unfolding continuum of eternity (his words, not mine) in each of his artworks. In this article we’ll have the pleasure of experiencing some of these intricately detailed cosmic masterpieces which have been etched into the Ethereum blockchain forever.

Many of these artworks have moving and audio elements. To truly appreciate this unique and talented artist’s work, you’ll need to click through the images to view these pieces on SuperRare.


Jumper is a story of metamorphosis. It is a window into a moment when things seem to have gone terribly wrong; when the familiar loveliness of peaceful circumstances give way to endless uncertainty and resultant fatigue.

Eloh’s first SuperRare token, minted on May 21st 2020, is a very intricately detailed artwork featuring a cosmic being capable of moving between dimensions. This Eloh genesis token is one to watch if it ever becomes available on the secondary market as it would be highly coveted among his fans and NFT artwork in general, as it was minted long before the space had the kind of exposure we see today.

Anarcupid (Animation)

“Anarcupid” is a conjunction composed of the words “Anarchy” and “Cupid”. The term implies sovereign governance over self, guided by love. Each of the Anarcupid correspond to a brain wave frequency associated with a balanced mind. 

Anarcupid, a stunningly beautiful and trippy token was minted on June 23rd, 2020. A collaboration between Eloh and Steven Haman, this smooth animation can be interpreted as a visual representation of a balanced mind.


“To this we should dance the sunrise, for it can be no other way”. // 32 second seamless loop (960Frames) / 3000 px by 2450 px // Music – Flying Carpet performed and produced by Suduaya from his 2021 Album entitled Starseeds. 

In this token minted on February 12th, all seeing eyes, robotic overlords, and humans all dance together to Flying Carpet by Suduaya. We get the sense that mankind lives together symbiotically with artificial intelligence in this future world or alternate dimension.


Psychedelic Bloom / 2:3 Aspect Ratio / 7200×4800 Pixels / All Rights Reserved

In Pusha, minted December 4th, 2020, we can really see Eloh’s technical skill and creative ability shine. Each defined section of this high detailed token, which blends trippiness and digitalization, is more beautiful than the next. It’s hard to look away from this inspiring piece which happens to be one of few (Punku, a very different token, is another good example) on a solid black background, which could make digital art collectors perceive it to be more rare among Eloh artworks.

To keep up with Eloh, you can follow him on Twitter, Check out his SuperRare profile and subscribe to his mailing list on his website, elohprojects.com