Are Hashmasks Holding the Key to a Secret Worth a Fortune?

Today, In what sounds a lot like the plot of Ready Player One, the Hashmasks team let their rapidly expanding fanbase know that they should ‘look closer’ and that it will be ‘worth your time’ setting off hordes of NFT art enthusiasts to pour over the vast intricacies of Hashmasks, and even forming small ‘tribes’ each responsible for researching certain aspects of the wildly successful digital art project.

Hashmasks, the latest NFT art collectable, are ERC-721 tokens which have a max supply of 16,384. Not only is each unique, but they actually generate NCT tokens, which allow holders a method of changing the name of their Hashmask. Since no two Hashmasks can have the same name, this adds another layer of uniqueness.

Hashmasks have raised over 10,044 ETH, or $16M for their unique art collectables, and the full amount sits untouched in their Hashmasks Contract address.

In a series of cryptic tweets, @TheHashmasks let us know that we should “look closer” and even gave us a couple of hints as to what they could be possibly be alluding to.

This unleashed a horde of NFT enthusiasts to come together to solve the riddle. Some have speculated that the untouched amount that sits in the Hashmasks Contract address is up for grabs. @TheHashmasks did retweet this exact speculation from @0xChop, leading many to believe that there is some monetary award to figuring out the riddles of the latest crypto craze.

Each Hashmask has certain attributes. Some are human, some are robots, and each one even has an item, like the phoenix pictured below. It’s thought that these characteristics, in combination with names, items and other attributes, can make some Hashmasks more valuable than others.

In what seems like another nod from @TheHashmasks, they retweeted a thread by @Cap_Plantain where he explains some of his findings after digging deep into the mystery.

While there is a lot of speculation in the thread, it’s verified that several of the Hashmasks has large disks that seem to resemble The Golden Record, and the markings on The Golden Record appear in many of the Hashmasks.

These etchings describe to an alien society how exactly to play the record that accompanies Voyager 1, which is supposed to give an alien civilization insight into humanity.
Every one of the etchings in The Golden Record have been found in Hashmasks, seemingly confirming some connection between Hashmasks and The Golden Record.

@Cap_Plantain also points out that some Hashmasks have the chemical equation for ammonium cyanate, which is an unstable molecule that decomposes to urea.

The backgrounds in some Hashmasks seem to fit together like a puzzle. It may be the case that the entire set forms one large puzzle, or it’s possible that it’s just a few that fit together.

There’s sure to be more clues to the secrets the Hashmasks team baked into NFT art collectable that has become the latest craze to take crypto twitter by storm.