John Park

Being a highly skilled conceptual artist who has worked on a wide array of projects ranging from Dumbo to Wonder Woman 2 gave John Park a viable springboard into crypto art, as he was able to try out so many different tactics and evolve his style into something concrete that incorporates so many of the elements that digital art collectors are looking for in this new art form, including spacemen, bitcoin wielding apes, and (stay with me here) monks parting seas to summon ETH.

Into the Woods

Digital Art

Into the woods is a great example of a genesis token that is not the artist’s first token by timestamp, but first token to exhibit a certain visual concept that repeats in later works. In this case we see orange robes that appear several times in John Park’s work since this token was minted on February 12th, 2021.

Bitcoin Guard

Bitcoin Guard was minted on February 14th, 2021 and this token is the first time we see any cryptocurrency references in John Park’s art. The cryptocurrency mentions become more overt in his more recent works, like in BTC Discovery for example. Being as how this token is John Park’s first mention of Bitcoin, it’s a good one for digital art collectors to pay special attention to if it becomes available on the secondary market.

Steampunk Samurai

Steampunk Samurai

Steampunk Samurai, minted February 11th, 2021, is John Park’s official genesis token. This is one of those genesis tokens where you can see a very different style from the artists more recent works, increasing it’s rarity, and perhaps in the minds of some collectors, it’s value.

Bitcoin Gunner

Minted February 21st, 2021, Bitcoin Gunner seems as if it’s out of the same series belonging to Bitcoin Guard, and it shows how the cryptocurrency references are slowing becoming more overt in John Park’s artwork, as we can see multiple Bitcoin symbols in this one, including a very large one behind the figure.

Summoning ETH

Digital Painting – BTC Monk is parting the sea to summon ETH. || 3800×4000 pixels

In John Park’s only token to reference both Ether and Bitcoin, which was minted on March 2nd, 2021, the same monk from BTC Monks parts the sea to summon a giant iridescent physical Ether. This dramatic token, along with BTC Discovery, represents a new level of a continuing shift in John Park’s style to include crypto elements in his tokens.

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