Josh Pierce

Josh Pierce’s tokens immerse us in a calming solipsism by featuring a lone person, a peaceful landscape and a bright abstract energy form. His Instagram profile showcases hundreds of stunning images that he could mint next, but with his genesis token minted over a month ago, and only a few 1/1 drops having occurred since, it looks like his drops will be quite rare. These eight tokens on Josh Pierce’s SuperRare profile will always be his oldest 1/1s. Furthermore, his Portals project on Nifty Gateway only ended up minting a few hundred editions of each artwork, with Fulfilled being the rarest at only 162 editions.

Digital art collectors sometimes consider an artist’s trajectory when attempting to value a newer mint. They may be willing to shell out a bit more on a token if they believe the creator will continue to produce thought provoking and stunning pieces over time that the community will celebrate, and with Josh Pierce, we can see from his daily renders on Art Station, and his vast Instagram profile with almost 120K followers that he has the stamina and drive to consistently produce awesome artwork, and his engaging fanbase is loving every minute of it.


Inspired by the highly personal experience of spiritual growth, this piece itself is a meditation. The artist asks the viewer to become present and bring their own experience to the work.

Minted January 22nd, 2021, Pristine is Josh Pierce’s genesis token featuring a man meditating on a peaceful creek. The collection opportunities with this token stand out amongst his others, as not only is it the first one on the Ethereum blockchain, but it features a single straight line. While Josh Pierce could potentially mint more of these with a straight line (there are more on his instagram just a single straight beam) this one would always be the first that features this simple and dramatic energy form.


Revolution is the cycle of change.

Orbit was minted on Febrary 27th, 2021, and features what seems to be planets orbiting around a central point, and is the only one of Josh Pierce’s minted artworks to feature anything like this. The description mentions revolution and change, which some digital art collectors may interpret as a nod to the burgeoning crypto art industry that this token is forever a part of.


Eternity is now.

The way the beaming infinity symbol illuminates the sky, reflects calmly off of the moving water, and hugs the clouds in Infinity is super high-dose Josh Pierce. This dramatic, emotional, and calming token minted on February 26th, 2021 is the only one of Josh Pierce’s works (minted or not) to include the infinity symbol. While no one can really know what is going on in an artist’s mind while they are creating, digital art collectors may expect more tokens with infinity symbols in the future since his work is so spiritual and deals with concepts of eternity. Future Josh Pierce tokens including infinity symbols could potentially increase the value of this one, being as how it was first.


The propagation of change.

The way that the energy forms interact with clouds in Josh Pierce’s tokens is almost a signature trademark at this point since we see it so much in his artwork. This is why digital art collectors may consider Effect a bit more coveted for it’s rarity in that it’s a 1/1 minted on February 26th, 2021 standing out among Josh Pierce’s works because not only is the energy form a filled shape, there are no clouds at all in this one.


Heaven is the dimension of spaciousness.

The pink/purple leaves and grass in Kingdom, which was minted on March 4th, 2021, appear in none of any other tokens minted by Josh Pierce. In fact, only two of Josh Pierce’s minted 1/1 tokens involve trees at all, with Thrive being the only other one. Keep in mind that Thousand, which is an edition of 243 on NiftyGateway, features trees as well.

You can follow Jose Pierce on Twitter, check out his Portals project on Nifty Gateway, and keep up with his profile on SuperRare. But if you really want to get a sense for what he could potentially drop next, follow him on Instagram.