Mystery Collector Places $1.6M Worth of Bids on 2 CryptoPunks

On January 31st, an anonymous entity who owns an address starting with 0x483ec3 bid a total of 1,211 ETH worth $1,600,445 on two of CryptoPunks.

CryptoPunks are digital collectables on the Ethereum blockchain. These ERC-721 tokens are some of the earliest examples of NFT art.

It’s worth noting that these CryptoPunks are both “Alien” punks of which there are only nine that will ever exist. CryptoPunk #2890 which made headlines on January 23rd and brought mainstream attention to the NFT art world after selling for 605 ETH worth $761,889 at the time of sale, was also an “Alien” punk.

606 ETH worth $828,784 was bid on CryptoPunk #635 on January 31st. This digital collectable was minted on Jun 23, 2017 and has never changed hands since it’s creation date.
605 ETH worth $842,178 was bid on CryptoPunk #3443 on January 25th. Minted on Jun 23, 2017 this early NFT art collectable hasn’t ever changed hands.

If either of these bids turn into a sale it will represent the highest sale amount not only for a CryptoPunk, but for any piece of NFT art.