Creator Profile: CryptoFinally

CryptoFinally is an established crypto influencer that has brought an incredible amount of attention to the burgeoning NFT space long before CryptoPunks were getting million dollar bids and Coindesk executives were scrambling in board rooms trying to get interns to explain to them what a “thirst trap” is (spoiler alert: they got it wrong.)

While it seems like everyone is piling aboard the NFT train lately, CryptoFinally’s followers were made privy to the space in late 2020 when gas prices averaged under a dollar and tokens were selling for about 10% of what they are going for now.

I’m in it for the money

I’m in it for the Money is an edition of 3 which was minted on September 22nd, 2020 and caused quite a stir on Crypto Twitter when CryptoFinally listed it for 10 ETH. At the time this NFT was listed, 10 ETH was quite a lot for a token, but now as the space is heating up, it doesn’t sound like much of a stretch, even in the face of Ether’s rocketing price over the past few months.

For digital art collectors this particular token is a unique opportunity as it’s hard not to draw a comparison to Laszlo Hanyecz since it’s possible that without the recognition the NFT space gained from this fiasco, maybe it would not have taken off so quickly.

MTV Crypto Expert

Digital art collectors looking to collect CryptoFinally NFTs should pay special attention to MTV Crypto Expert, minted on September 22nd, 2020 as it chronicles an important moment in her career, when she appeared on MTV as a crypto expert. Regardless of what you thought of the interview, this is NFT is bound to make waves if there is a run on CryptoFinally collectibles.

CryptoFinally Arrives on Rarible

If you’re already following CryptoFinally on Twitter (you should be) then you’re likely already familiar with her video where she is dancing while very succinctly explaining how Bitcoin facilitates commerce on the internet especially for smaller transactions. Like pretty much everything she does, this video created a huge buzz and resulted in myriad cringe spin offs including people trying to explain how other cryptocurrencies handle these transactions even better than Bitcoin.

Please note that while CryptoFinally Arrives on Rarible features CryptoFinally, it was not created by her, it was actually created by Bishop, and minted on September 23rd 2020. If you’re looking to acquire NFTs specifically created by her, you should look specifically on the Created tab on CryptoFinally’s Rarible profile.

Pump It Zoomers

Back in November 2020 when Bitcoin’s price was a mere $18k, CryptoFinally called out ‘other content creators’ by dropping a video of her dancing to a seriously wicked beat while wearing a doge mask.. are you still not following her? Pump It Zoomers was minted on September 22nd, 2020 chronicles that moment in time, and has a unique look from her other creations.

Follow CryptoFinally on Twitter, and keep up to date with any NFTs she creates on her Rarible Profile.