Nicole Ruggiero

Nicole Ruggiero brings the crazy-sexy-cool wow factor to our budding cryptoart world. Digital art collectors looking for pieces that will outperform on the secondary market would do well to familiarize themselves with her work. She’s got the real-world experience, as her work has appeared in popular publications and shows. She got the network via her strong and growing following on Twitter, and most importantly, as you’ll see below, her artwork is hard to look away from.


When things feel crazy, sometimes it’s better to pause for a moment and let them wash over you

Underwater was minted on January 27th, 2021. This is a very low mint artwork on Foundation, with an id of only 37 (note that Hopeful, which we’ll get to later in the article, has a lower mint of 28). The mint number alone adds value to this piece, as in a few years if Foundation is very successful, collectors will be looking for low mints like this. Keep in mind one of the earliest SuperRare tokens sold for over $100K, before the NFT hype really set in. Additionally, Underwater is relatable and easy to identify as a Nicole Ruggiero piece.

ur my click-bait baby girl 💋

made in 2017 with love ❤️

Nicole uses the old style mouse pointer in a few places including multiple pages on her website. If in her future artworks we see much more of this pointer, then ur my click-bait baby girl 💋, which was minted on February 14th, 2021, will likely appreciate in value simply because it’s the first minted token where it’s included.


Hopeful, exactly my feeling after the election results.

Hopeful was minted on January 26th, 2021, which was the first day that minting was possible on Foundation. With a mint number of 28, Hopeful is one of Foundation’s earliest mints, and is the first in what seems to be a series of tokens which include Underwater and Whimsical. Also it’s important to note that the description on this token mentions the historically significant 2020 election.


Sometimes you can spot them in the caves, lurking around in the night.

The first ever Pokémon minted on Foundation also found it’s way to the Ethereum blockchain on January 26th 2021, being one of the first tokens minted on Foundation with a low mint number of 33, this interesting token has many angles from which it could see secondary market gains.

You can keep up with Nicole Ruggiero by checking out her profile on Foundation, following her on Twitter, and visiting her website.