Shay the Surrealist

As I was looking through Shay the Surrealist’s work, I actually had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t in a dream. Allow me to lead you through the works of an artist who easily convinces viewers of her tokens that fish swim through underwater forests, and that it’s possible to catch the moon on a hook, as long as you’re standing on a cloud.

Some of Shay the Surrealist’s work lives on, and features elements that change depending on the time of day that they are viewed. While I’ve taken screenshots of the works to show you both the day and night states, in order to fully appreciate her work, you should click through the images and bookmark the pages they live on, and then check on them throughout the day to see the automatic changes for yourself.

Cloud-Tailed Fish

a rare sighting of the magical cloud-tailed fish spotted in its natural habitat, the underwater forest. some say this fish brings good luck.

As the majestic cloud-tailed fish swims through an underwater forest in this token minted on March 6th, 2020, we can see the light gently reflecting off the forest floor, and a surface of water above it. Shay really shows off her creative and technical skill in this artwork as it’s immediately clear that we’re underwater, but somehow in a forest.


serenity is defined as “a state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.” in my imagination, serenity has a warm yellow magical nature, as if one could feel like they’re floating up and away gravitating towards a light that leads to one’s destiny to whoever collects this artwork: I hope there’s a place, a person, a hobby something in your life that makes you feel serenity. sending you love, light, and positive energy. stay protected & stay blessed. Created in Photoshop | 2018 2400×3000 | 1/1

Digital art collectors who are fans of Shay the Surrealist should pay extra attention to Serenity, which was minted on March 5th, 2020 as it’s a personal one. In the description of this token, the artist explains how she visualizes serenity with a “warm yellow magical nature” and in this piece we see a woman floating gently, in true dreamlike fashion, inside a light of this color. Powerful and emotional pieces like this have the potential to make a huge splash on the secondary market as an artist evolves over the course of their career.

Catch of the Day

You can view Catch of the Day on, and be amazed as this token actually changes depending on what time of day it is. Shay’s very first artwork on feels like a dream where you’re watching someone fish for celestial bodies while perched on a cloud.

Winter Cloud-Tailed Fish

a rare sighting of the winter cloud-tailed fish these magical creatures prefer the arctic underwater forest. some say this fish brings good luck. Created in Photoshop | 2021 2400×3000 | 1/1

A very different fish, swims gently in a very different forest from Cloud-Tailed Fish, in what seems like the height of winter in this token minted on March 6th, 2021. Artists with the ability to convince you that it’s snowing underwater are rare, and the beauty in this token will speak to collectors for forever, as it’s now etched in the Ethereum blockchain permanently.

Stellar Goddesses

You can view Shay’s living galactic wonder, Stellar Goddesses on This is another master layer which will change depending on the time of day. This is the second work created by Shay on, and while we can see some similarities used for the day state of Catch of the Day in the day state of Stellar Goddesses, we have a completely new feel for the stunning night state. Whether or not you believe that the Stellar Goddesses are watching over us, I can assure you that they are forever alive on the Ethereum blockchain.

You can keep up with Shay by following her on Twitter and checking in on her Foundation profile, as well as her Profile.