Spaced Painter

I hope you’re ready to help Poseidon fight off aliens, explore the origins of humanity through ALIEN PSYCHEDELICS, and watch ethereal twins duke it out in space. Oh, and I almost forgot, we’re gonna headbang to sick beats all the way through because it’s impossible not to get hyped while immersed in Spaced Painter’s VR masterpieces.

All of the artwork we’re diving into today has audio and visual effects, so you’ll need to click through the images in this article to view the tokens on SuperRare, MakersPlace, and KnownOrigin to fully appreciate the work of the living legend that is Spaced Painter.

Poseidon – Through The Cosmic Portal Of Doom

The ultimate explanation for the end of Atlantis is finally revealed.

The story of Atlantis, once touted by Greek philosophers and accepted by everyone in the ancient world, has been relegated to fiction as we’ve found no evidence of its existence after centuries of looking. But now finally, Spaced Painter gives us a glimpse into what actually happened. Watch Poseidon hold a glorious last stand against invading alien forces in this token minted on August 28th, 2020.

NIBIRU – The Stoned Ape Revelations

Open your mind fellow primate and allow me to take you on a cosmic journey deep into Myth and the truth of our origin story.

Take a little trip, take a little trip with Spaced Painter in this token minted on August 7th, 2020 to explore the origins of humanity in this deeply immersive VR masterpiece explaining how the Annunaki traversed the universe to tweak our DNA with magic mushrooms, enabling self-awareness and profound intellect. And if you don’t believe it, we’re not friends anymore.

While Spaced Painter has been making waves and breaking sales records on KnownOrigin before this piece was minted. This particular one is Spaced Painter’s first token on SuperRare, and is one to keep an eye out for on the secondary market if it ever becomes available.

Skekzoid – Damage Unleashed

Contained and trapped inside this cosmic glass card, the “Control” side of this conceptual being meets his opposite unhinged twin – the “DAMAGE” – who breaks free to unleash the dynamic duality of this ETHernal battle within.

An Ethereal battle between powerful twins within a cosmic glass card can be explored in this token minted on December 12th, 2020. Damage vs Control was inspired by Skekmal the Hunter, and is perfectly complimented with some seriously sick beats.

Fractalini Rising

May the power of Kundalini rise in the Fractal chakras of your digital being!

While most of Spaced Painter’s pieces are 1/1 editions, Fractalini Rising seems to be one of the only artworks with multiple editions, potentially making it easier to acquire for digital art collectors on a budget looking to get a Spaced Painter token. One thing that really stands out about this piece and the entire Visionary 3D/4D Fractal Art series is the use of code to generate the images, which is a concept we’re seeing take off in the NFT art space. It has the Spaced Painter feel to it, and it’s one of few artworks at the time of this article’s publication that isn’t only available through the secondary market.


The Cyber God at the beginning of Time breeds the seed of Creation inside It’s celestial body. It is both Female & Male and it is through Symbiosis of both sides of the cosmic energy that worlds are born.

Inceptus, minted February 19th, 2020 explores the beginning of time, and shows us the Cyber God responsible. This is Spaced Painter’s genesis NFT piece, a crown jewel for any Spaced Painter collector to own. Here is a tweet from KnownOrigin promoting this coveted artwork.

You can follow Spaced Painter on Twitter, SuperRare, MakersPlace and KnownOrigin.

Finally, you can check out this MagNFT article which features a Spaced Painter interview for a little more of the history surrounding this living legend. Please do keep in mind however that the article is from June 2020, which is about 150 years ago based on how fast this space moves. Spaced Painter has done a tremendous amount since then, but the article is a great resource to anyone looking to learn more about this artist or NFT history in general.