SuperRare Sales Total Over $1M in January

As the NFT art world picks up steam in the wake of a CryptoPunk sale of $762K earlier this month, SuperRare, the most exclusive mint of NFT art, oversaw the exchange of digital art to the tune of 769 Ether, worth over $1,000,000 at Ether’s current price of $1,377.

The top three sales featured AI generated art from the artist Robbie Barrat, known as @videodrone on SuperRare.

AI Generated Nude Portrait #5, pictured above, was created April 25th, 2018 at block 5505212 and changed hands a few times before ultimately being sold on January 6th, 2021 for 100 Ether, worth approximately $119,064 at the time of sale.
AI Generated Nude Portrait #1, which was also created on April 25th, 2018, sold a day earlier, on January 5th, for 100 Ether as well, which at the time was worth slightly less at $112,717. It’s worth nothing that this was actually SuperRare’s first token, and it has changed hands a few times in the past as well. Noted collector @CuriousNFTs picked this gem up on January 18th, 2020 for $13,265. Not only does this represent a 10x profit, but keep in mind that both of these pricey artworks sold before the CryptoPunk sale on January 23rd.
AI Generated Nude Portrait #3 sold for 80 Ether, worth $95,834 at the time, in the third large AI-based art transaction on SuperRare in January. This NFT piece was picked up from @CuriousNFTs by @moderats earlier this year on June 9th for less than $5,000.

CuriousNFTs, in a January 6th tweet expresses that these early Robbie Barrat artworks will sell for more than 5x the value that they were purchased for this month.

We’ll be watching for more large sales on SuperRare and continue tracking these digital masterpieces on the secondary market where they are sure to generate additional headlines.

Noted artist @hackato had sales this month that made up the next three largest sales on SuperRare.

Ghost in the faceb
sold for 25 Ether, worth over $30K at the time of the sale, which is an expression of how we interact with the internet, and the footprint we leave on it after we die.

The description on this provocative artwork created at block 7065484 reads:

What’s left of us on social networks when we die? Digital ghosts that persecute our friends or a place of memory, a digital tomb that reminds us more of the real tombstone? Will the selfie that will be fatal come?-Hackato

Yammer, token 189 on SuperRare, sold for 17 Ether to noted collector @westcoastbill this week as well. @vkcrypto picked up this early Hackato piece directly from the artist himself back in 2018.

@westcoastbill also picked up a second @hackato piece Walter White aka Heisenberg for 18 Ether worth $24,214 this Thursday, one day after picking up Yammer.

With sales totaling over $1M this is the biggest month yet for SuperRare. We’ll be keeping an eye on future art purchases at SuperRare and tracking these artworks on the secondary market where they are sure sell again for jaw dropping sums.