SuperRare All Time Sales Eclipse $10M

SuperRare sales picked up in January, making the first month of 2021 it’s best ever, and as of today, SuperRare has facilitated over $10,245,624.3 in NFT Art sales since they minted their first token in April 2018. January’s eye popping sales were led by steep secondary market transactions of AI-generated nudes from artist Robbie Barrat.

While the Robbies fetched over $100k each, there were many other recent high priced sales. Rebirth of Venus, by @lilmiquela fetched 159.5 ETH, worth $82,361 at the time.

Old systems, identities and rules no longer need to bind us. If we decide something has value or a story meaning, then it does. My piece is a meditation on that feeling of throwing skepticism to the wind and accepting endless potential outcomes, realities and truths. – $MIQ

At the time Rebirth of Venus was sold, it was the highest dollar amount that we’ve ever seen a piece of digital art sell for on SuperRare.

@fastackl picked up In Titan’s Light mid December after a bidding war that took it up to 78 ETH, valued at $102,170 at the time of sale.

This audiovisual collaboration between Sutu and deadmau5 imagines a new frontier. Inspired by the deadmau5 track, SATRN, the artwork is set at a space station on the Titan moon. This collaboration was born during the creation of the RAREZ Series 1 NFTs with

This was actually the first NFT artwork that @fastackl purchased, and in a Dec 21st tweet, he details the wild ride that took him from hearing about the piece from a friend all the way up to the point where he realized he just had to have it at basically any cost.

Warren Buffet – Decentral Eyes – Variant 01 is a striking piece which sold on January 30th for 30 ETH worth $39,405 at the time of sale. This is the first in a series of 10 where @coldie takes a look at Warren Buffet as one of the biggest critics of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a whole. This was a secondary market sale where @basileus was able to make a large 15x profit off his $2,467 investment within 6 months.

The first of a 10 piece series I take a look at one of the biggest OPPONENTS of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a whole. The ‘Oracle of Omaha’, Cherry Coke drinking, McDonald’s devouring, white-haired stonk king himself, Warren Buffet. Created with 10+ images to create a decentralized portrait. This Buffet collection explores a variety of punk design aesthetics and 3D methods for depth. Anything can happen with a variant though.

SuperRare is sure to continue breaking records and continue benefitting from the growing NFT art community and mainstream acceptance of crypto worldwide.