Suren Seneviratne

Suren Seneviratne’s love for 90’s video games, Sci-Fi, obsolete technology, patterns and futurism led him to create a series of good luck charms that you can keep right in your wallet. Your digital wallet, that is.

All of the pieces we art featuring in this article have brilliant animation and sound effects, so you’ll need to visit Suren Seneviratne’s profile on Foundation to fully appreciate this artist’s creations.

There is an opportunity for digital art collectors to pick up the very first NFT good luck charms in Suren Seneviratne’s artwork. These good luck charms pull on our nostalgia strings a bit as they have the look of items that you may pick up while playing a video game from the 90s, and all of them feature smooth animation as the iridescent colors reflect off these well designed and unique charms, each also has a sound that fits the talismans perfectly.

These tokens are a play on these types of talismans or lucky charms, only backed by blockchain technology.

In video games of the 90s, the hypnotizing allure of a shiny floating object that could restore your health or give you ‘superpowers’ was palpable.

Through blockchain technology, we can prove that these talismans are unique and can never be replicated, allowing their inherent power to be enjoyed only by the person who can claim ownership of them. The nature of NFTs allows the owner to display these or use them in any world in the metaverse, as opposed to the video games that they were inspired from, where they would only live briefly, until the game was finished.

These tokens at first appear like digital mirages, disappearing as quickly as they appear. This characteristic is again reminiscent of the extraordinary collectible items in classic Fantasy genre video games. They are painted in bright colors and reflect a rainbow of hues. Their unusual shapes and contours suggestive of mysterious otherworldly or alien properties, nothing like you’d see walking down the street. 

You can keep up with Suren Seneviratne by following him on Twitter, Instagram and checking out his profile on Foundation.