Suryanto sur

Suryanto Sur’s fascinating tokens cover a wide range of topics and immortalize some of the most influential people in history, like Martin Luther King Jr, and even fictional characters like the mythical Poseidon. Suryanto has been minting tokens since September 2020, and some digital art collectors might speculate that his style may have influenced the artwork in the viral sensation NFT project Hashmasks, based on the similarities in imagery. However, I personally reached out to him to ask him, and he let me know that he was not involved with the popular project.

Most of Suryanto’s tokens feature animated elements, so to be able to fully appreciate this artist’s work, you’ll need to click through the images in this article to visit these tokens on SuperRare.


It may be difficult to imagine of fragmented life, each autonomously hoping to be reborn into privileged status.

Minted on September 16th 2020, Monopolism is Suryanto Sur’s genesis token, and it features much of the same style that we’ve come to see in his later tokens, including an intentionally misspelled word. While his unique style has been retained from his first token to his most recent, this one is different enough that it marks a great starting point from which was can see his style starting to evolve from.

I Have a Dream

One of the greatest men who ever lived. Nobel prize winner, preacher and leader. Free at last, free at last. Thank god almighty we are free at last.

This tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. was minted on March 2nd, 2021 featuring a visage of him in Suryanto’s signature style and one of King’s most famous quotes “To ignore evil is to become an accomplice to it.” Tokens minted by established artists featuring popular historic figures could potentially appreciate in value faster than others.

Alien Love Energy

Alien rescue. The new digital frontier is almost upon us. We say goodbye to the legacy web and the middle person. Hope, Energy & Love. The future is bright. Aliens are real

In this fun animated token a statement is made about art and the blockchain that it was minted on, on March 10th, 2021. “We say goodbye to the legacy web and the middle person” is written boldly in the description of this piece, and some may interpret that as a nod to how blockchain technology is empowering artists through trustless transactions, not only to create new styles, but to sell their art directly to collectors. It’s also possible that the “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” on the UFO is a nod to noted collector Yeah Yeah.

The Joy of Painting

There’s nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend.

Digital art collector should be careful to not scroll past this early Suryanto token minted September 27th, 2020 too quickly, since it features legendary painter Bob Ross in his popular series “The Joy of Painting.” This token has a lot going for it in terms of collectible technicals since it’s an earlier mint from an established artist and features a famous legend in the art space.

You can keep up with Suryanto by following him on Twitter and keeping up with his profile on SuperRare.