They don’t want you to read this article. They don’t want you to know about Neon3000, and above all, “they” definitely don’t want you to collect his fascinating crypto artworks.

Neon3000 is a talented artist that works at “Neon Corp” which is a top secret organization studying genetic engineering, biomechanics, mutagens, cyber technology, and even extraterrestrial technology. He was recruited in 2017, and has since acted as a double agent, drawing what he can remember from his time in their secret labs.

OBJECT: SR004. Insects Series

In fact, this scarab is slightly larger than a standard beetle. All mechanisms in it are incredibly small in size. They are created in special N boxes equipped with nano manipulators, using incredibly advanced AI. So that I could see them ‘they’ put an unusual helmet on my head, something similar to a VR helmet, only much more advanced!

Minted on August 12th, 2020, Object SR004 gives us a taste of exactly how far Neon Corp has come in terms of creating technology for monitoring the population.. and perhaps worse. Object SR004 could be an interesting one for digital art collectors since it’s the second minted Neon3000 token dealing with the insect series (SR003 was the first in the insect series), of which we can expect many more.

OBJECT: EG001. Anatomy Series

Now this object is in the process of learning. I saw several prototypes …

Minted on May 31st, 2020, EG001 is Neon3000’s genesis token. This highly coveted piece blending organic with mechanical elements gave us an accurate taste of the next tokens Neon3000 would mint. If this token ever becomes available on the secondary market, digital art collectors would likely swarm on it being as how it’s the first taste of Neon Corp that has ever touched the Ethereum blockchain.

OBJECT: SC002. Anatomy Series

Perception of the environment through self-acceptance…

Minted on June 16th, 2020, this is one of Neon3000’s earliest tokens (EG001 came first). In this artwork we’re getting a taste of some more secret technology at Neon Corp, this time it looks like they are trying to create a mask which hides the damage being done to the environment from the wearer.

Name: Orex. Series: Guardians of the Third wave.

This is the first guard I drew. The guards themselves are also designed by ”Neon Corp”. I noticed this guard at the entrance to sector AT-1. (Sector dedicated to anatomy). As it turned out later, this was far from the strangest representative.

Minted on September 5th, 2020, Orex. Series: Guardians of the Third wave is unique in that it’s the first time we’re seeing a humanoid figure in any of Neon3000’s secret artworks. While most of these tokens revolve around objects and mutated species, this representation of a guard at the lab gives us some more insight into their operations, as opposed to the technology they are creating.

OBJECT: RT006. Rodent Series

These cyber rats have heightened reflexes and charm. They also have the ability to scan synchronously while in the “N” flock.

These charming little ratdroids have apparently been seen scurrying around the secret labs of Neon Corp. Minted on October 11th, 2020, this is the first tokenized representation of the rodent series. Scanning Helmet came shortly after.

“They” certainly won’t be happy about it, but if you’re looking to keep up with Neon3000, you can follow his MakersPlace profile, check him out on Rarible, and follow him on Twitter.