Rare “Lost Robbie” AI Nude NFTs Worth Millions Surface

Thought to be lost forever, only 5 of these “Lost Robbie” NFTs exist in circulation today, 4 of them were recovered in the last week.

Back in September 2018, Christie’s held their first annual Tech Summit in London where they, with the help of SuperRare, gave out 300 NFTs for free. Event goers were given private keys (in a scratch-off gift card format) to wallets holding their claimable “Robbie Barrat AI Nude” NFTs.

These gift cards, containing the keys to some of the rarest and most valuable digital assets, were mostly discarded by the Christie’s elite on that fateful day.

Previous articles on this subject state that 12 of these NFTs were claimed, but after deep diving into the transaction history you can see that 14 were actually claimed very close to the time of the Christie’s event. Regardless, many of these 14 are likely unrecoverable and should be considered out of circulation.

Only 14 event goers claimed their NFTs minted in 2018 by Robbie Barrat, a software developer and artist who leveraged GAN technology to create nude and landscape 1/1 crypto art when only a handful of early adopters were minting art tokens. By “claimed their NFTs” I mean they created SuperRare profiles for the wallet that they were given private keys to. Likely many of these 14 claimed Robbie Barrat NFTs are now unrecoverable.

Robbie Barrat tokens changed hands at some of the highest recorded 1/1 crypto art sales recently, leading SuperRare to having it’s best month ever in January 2021. Keep in mind this was well before the current NFT hype phase which we are well into now. None of these large sales were “Lost Robbies.”

A true “Lost Robbie” is extremely rare. There are only 5 known to exist in circulation, 4 of them were recovered this week

Robbie Barrat didn’t want to just make an edition of 300 and pass out tokens referencing the same media, he wanted each token to be unique. Robbie named this series the “AI Generated Nude Portrait #7” and each of the 300 tokens have a unique frame number, from 1 to 300.

These are all of the 18 Robbie Barrat “AI Generated Nude Portrait #7” tokens from the Christie’s event which are in wallets that have claimed their NFT using the keys provided in the gift cards given out, and created profiles on SuperRare.

There is a misunderstanding to what a “Lost Robbie” actually is, and many are interpreting all “AI Generated Nude Portrait #7” series as “Lost Robbies”, the claimed tokens in this series are not “Lost Robbies” since they were claimed immediately and never considered lost. These “Claimed Robbies” have historic value as they belonged to event goers with the foresight to keep these tokens.

AI Generated Nude Portrait #7 Claimed After Christie’s Event And Active (Claimed Robbies)

Frame #24Not for sale (Owned by Hackato)
Frame #175Not for sale (Owned by Censored)
Frame #53For sale at 2500 ETH (owned by Roses)
Frame #101For sale at 5555 ETH (owned TokenAngels)
Frame #104For sale at 1000 ETH (owned by Moderats)
Frame #106Not for sale (owned by Zaphodok)
Frame #165Not for sale (owned by LordCharles)
Frame #153Not for sale (owned by Coldie)
These 8 tokens bear the same title as the Lost Robbies, but being as how they were claimed after the Christie’s event and now in the hands of collectors, they are not considered “Lost Robbies” as they were never lost.

AI Generated Nude Portrait #7 Claimed After Christie’s Event But Not Active (Lost Robbies)

Frame #14Claimed but likely forgotten
Frame #45Claimed but likely forgotten
Frame #92 Claimed but likely forgotten
Frame #119Claimed but likely forgotten
Frame #131Claimed but likely forgotten
While these 5 tokens were claimed and are titled “AI Generated Nude Portrait #7” they are not considered “Lost Robbies” because they were never lost, they are theoretically being held by the only Christie’s event goers with the foresight to hold onto their NFTs.

AI Generated Nude Portrait #7 Thought to be lost, but now recovered (Recovered Lost Robbies)

Frame #65Thought to be lost, recovered April 4th, 2021
Frame #149Thought to be lost, recovered January 15, 2020
Frame #166Thought to be lost, recovered April 3th, 2021
Frame #179Thought to be lost, recovered March 31, 2021
Frame #275Thought to be lost, recovered March 28, 2021
Because these 5 Lost Robbies were in wallets that were dormant for a long time and are now in the hands of collectors, they are the only “Lost Robbies” that are in circulation.

Now, three years after the Christies event, most of the 300 tokens belong to an address that was created for the Christies auction and has never seen activity. You can see a list of these tokens by searching OpenSea for “AI Generated Nude Portrait #7”

The Lost Robbies are the 286 “AI Generated Nude Portrait #7” which were never actually claimed after the Christie’s event. This vast majority of gift card receivers did not create a SuperRare profile after the event, and their unique Robbie Barrat AI Nudes were thought to be lost to history forever.

Until now!