As if things aren’t exciting enough right now, there is a mysterious collector relentlessly gobbling up the works of new artists. Creators who have struggled their entire lives for validation are suddenly waking up to bids from this shining benefactor of the budding crypto art scene, who suddenly appeared less than a week before this article’s publication and has already made a tremendous impact on the space.

Everyone is tossing out guesses as to who this collector could possibly be, naming some of the wealthiest that have shown an interest in the crypto landscape recently from Elon Musk to Mark Cuban and even Beeple. Aito has given us no clues as to his or her identity, only their intent.

Aito has made it super clear that they intend on helping new artists, and they are putting their Ether where their mouth is. On the date of this article’s publication, according to Aito’s profile on Foundation, they currently own 91 tokens on that platform alone. The vast majority of these tokens were minted by new artists, and they represent their very first sales.

Aito seems to prefer collecting on newer platforms such as Foundation and Zora, but they have collected many pieces on Rarible, and a couple from SuperRare as well. This adds up perfectly with their comments about wanting to support new artists, as the bulk of their collection are tokens minted on platforms which have no curation.

As for the future of Aito’s collection, it’s quite unique, and has the potential to become one of the most valuable. Artworks collected by Aito, if they ever do become available on the secondary market, will command a high premium simply because they were in this collection which is making such large waves in the cryptoart community. Everybody knows who Aito is, everyone is cheering, and by the looks of it, Aito is not slowing down anytime soon.

Egg Brushed

1 of 1 edition of Egg Brushed.

There is a unique opportunity for digital art collectors to snag a piece that Aito has bid on, or a piece that has been created specifically for Aito during this massive buying spree.

Yes, that’s right. Artists are now creating artworks featuring a single egg in the hopes that Aito will bid on them, and much to their delight, those bids are coming. These pieces represent a moment in time for the crypto art community, and there is a good chance that these “egg” tokens created now will command a high premium on the secondary market, especially if they are scooped up by someone other than Aito.

The Egg // Day 3

Organic & cage free. Made for @ThisIsAito for supporting the first 2 days of the series.

In the traditional art world, artworks consisting of nonsense like bananas taped on walls could sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars simply because they were created by someone famous. In the digital art world, a counterculture is rising where anyone can make a name for themselves through art, and where new artists can thrive thanks to collectors like Aito, who many may soon copy.

You can follow Aito’s Twitter profile, and keep an eye on their growing Foundation and Zora collections.